We are Fresh Recruits

The Freshest Recruitment agency based in Bournemouth, Dorset, but supporting clients and candidates across the entire South Coast.

Founded by Jo Keating in 2002, Fresh Recruits aimed to bring a breath of fresh air to the recruitment industry in Dorset. Having enjoyed a successful career in sales and advertising, Jo realised that her friendly but straight-talking approach was appreciated by clients, and felt that this same approach was sorely needed in the recruitment sector.

Jo’s drive, motivation and honest nature led to her building one of the most reputable and well-known recruitment agencies in Bournemouth, which is now supported by a friendly team of more than 10 recruitment consultants and administration staff.

Together, they are committed to delivering an exceptional, honest and transparent service to both jobseekers and employers looking for recruitment solutions in Dorset and Hampshire. As a result, Fresh Recruits has formed long-lasting and valued relationships with an impressive list of clients who also trust the team to recruit for them nationally. And with loyal candidates bringing their job search back to Fresh Recruits time and time again, they are best placed to fill roles with the right people in record time.

One thing you definitely won’t get from the Fresh Recruits team is an endless stream of calls looking for new recruitment business or an irrelevant submission of your CV for a role you’re not even looking for.

One thing you certainly will get from Fresh Recruits is results.

Whether you’re a jobseeker looking for that dream job or an employer looking to fill an important vacancy, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch with our recruitment team in Bournemouth, who’d be happy to help.


Meet the team

The Fresh Recruits team in Bournemouth comprises professional, enthusiastic and experienced recruitment consultants and advisors from a variety of backgrounds. It is thanks to them and our lovely and efficient support staff that our recruitment agency runs so efficiently and successfully.

Jo Keating MREC & Assoc CIPD

Managing Director

Jo started Fresh Recruits in 2002 with the vision of providing a Fresh Recruitment experience to both clients and candidates.  Being a hands on Consultant is what Jo enjoys and she still runs her own recruitment desk working closely with both clients and candidates.  In 2014 Jo completed her CIPD in Human Resource Management at Poole College.

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: out cycling, preferably getting muddy on a Mountain Bike but I will settle for a Road Bike outing if pushed for time
  • My guilty pleasure is: Ice Cream! Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska is a personal favourite  – you’ve got to love those white chocolate polar bears
  • My superhero power would be: accelerated healing (like Wolverine) so when I break myself stacking it on the bike I can get straight back on!
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: very busy cycling, skiing and baking (and walking Gertie)

Charlotte Allistone AREC

Branch Manager

Charlotte started Fresh Recruits as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and quickly progressed to Branch Manager due to her hard work, determination and growth. Her role consists of managing a busy recruitment desk, working with a large portfolio of clients and running a very successful team.    “I’ve had an amazing journey since I started with Fresh Recruits, everybody has been really supportive, the business is growing massively and there are some fantastic opportunities for everyone throughout the company.”   Charlotte has a wealth of recruitment experience across Temporary, Contract and Permanent sectors mainly in Sales, Office, Linguistics, Executive and Financial Sectors. Prior to relocating to Bournemouth in 2007, she spent many years working in London within the media industry.   Outside of work, Charlotte regularly plays tennis and is a qualified Tap Dance Teacher. She has travelled extensively including a gap year after university where she travelled across Australia and Asia.

Katrina Michel AREC

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Katrina started with Fresh as a Recruitment Consultant, however it wasn't long before she was quickly promoted to Senior after a strong few months with the business. She is responsible for placing permanent and fixed-term contract jobs across the South Coast in a range of commercial and service industries. A professional recruiter with high standards, she possesses a great work ethic and a genuine commitment to do the best possible job for her clients and job hunters alike.

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Spending time with family and friends.
  • My guilty pleasure is:  Drinking gin & tonic in the bath.
  • My superhero power would be:   To freeze time so that I have more time to get things done!
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: Running a chocolate truffle and wine bar.
  • My current interests are: Keeping in touch with friends in Germany, after having lived there for 4.5 years and visiting new parts of the UK after having lived abroad for a few years (I have completely fallen in love with Edinburgh and the Peak District!) I also enjoy cooking with friends and cheese and wine evenings as well as playing the cello but haven’t had much time to do so recently, so I’d like to find time to take that up again!

Kerry Brookes AREC

Administration Manager

Kerry joined the Fresh Recruits team in 2008 as a Branch Administrator and has since progressed to Administration Manager with responsibility for the Admin Team who provide an organised and efficient support service to the team of consultants. She likes to be involved in a wide variety of tasks and can multi-task with ease, a highly efficient and organised Administrator herself, Kerry ensures that the extremely busy admin function and nuts & bolts behind Fresh Recruits are running smoothly.

  • When I'm not at work you’ll find me: Running around after my 3 year old 'Oliver'. When 'child free' I enjoy going to theme parks, exploring the outdoors and eating out, as well as enjoying a glass of wine or two whilst planning my next trip abroad.
  • My guilty pleasure is: Chips, peas and gravy!
  • My superhero power would be:  Atmokinesis – the ability to control the weather. Every day would be the perfect day, sun, sun, sun…
  • If I wasn't in Recruitment I’d be: Travelling the world! The thought that you can, within a matter of hours, land in another country, another continent, is something which fascinates me.

Gabbi Excell AREC

Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Gabbi is our Senior Recruitment Co-ordinator and we rely on her to overlook the whole recruitment process, from the job description to keeping an eye on consultants. She ensures the correct candidates are hired so our clients remain happy. Gabbi is also our movie nerd who actively goes to the cinema on a regular basis. Full of knowledge, she’s the ideal person to take with you to a pub quiz so she can show off her fountain of knowledge when it comes to Harry Potter, why not test her?

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Either at the movies, online shopping, baking, sleeping or re-reading Harry Potter for the billionth time.
  • My guilty pleasure is: Chinese food and reality shows.
  • My superhero power would be: Flying so I can easily travel anywhere.
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: A movie critic in Hollywood with 100’s of puppies.

Hannah Boddington AREC

Recruitment Co-ordinator

Being a Recruitment Co-ordinator is more than just filling out paperwork and organising interviews; Hannah has a real talent for proactively attracting, screening and selecting qualified candidates for those hard to fill roles. Whatever you are seeking, Hannah is always here to talk you through all the great opportunities we have at Fresh Recruits. A big foodie, Hannah has a secret fondness for chocolate fudge cake. You’ll also find her daydreaming about running her own café on the beach!

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Either at the gym or spending time with family and friends.
  • My guilty pleasure is:  Chocolate fudge cake warm with vanilla ice cream.
  • My superhero power would be:  Flying – so I would never get stuck in traffic.
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: Running my own café on the beach.
  • My current interests are: Going to the gym and cooking.

Louise Oliver AREC

Branch Administrator

Louise is our fantastic Administrator, who supports our co-ordinators and recruiters by carrying out the day-to-day admin tasks that need doing, enabling the team to fulfil their roles expertly and efficiently. She loves the variety and fast-paced environment of our busy Bournemouth office. Outside of work, Louise has a passion for live music. She enjoys soaking up an eclectic mix of talented bands at various pubs and bars. If there's ever a drum kit in sight, you'll be sure to find her here!

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Either at home kicked back watching a movie or out watching live local bands gigging in pubs and bars.
  • My guilty pleasure is: Eating a take-away whilst watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ or a Disney movie!
  • My superhero power would be: Healing Powers – I would love to be able to cure the World of all illnesses.
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: Living in Greece with my parents enjoying the sunshine!
  • My current interests are: Playing drums and live music. I also enjoy going to theme parks as well as jetting off on holiday!

Darcy O'Brien AREC

Branch Administrator

Darcy is our cool, calm and collected Branch Administrator. She has a work hard, play hard attitude and counts Friday as her favourite day! Darcy provides full administrative support to our team of consultants and is first point of contact for all queries via telephone, email or face to face. She loves to balance a myriad of jobs and is always available to lend a hand especially on a busy Monday morning!

  • When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Spending time with my family, mainly running around after my son - changing many nappies, watching hours of BabyTV and visiting the park on a daily basis!
  • My guilty pleasure is: Staying in my pyjamas all day, watching Netflix / catch up TV back to back all day.
  • My superhero power would be: Teleportation to save millions on travel expenses.
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: Creating more memories with my little boy Noah as a full-time Mumma.

Janet Keating AREC

Company Secretary and Accounts Manager

Janet has been with Fresh Recruits from the outset, she works part time and deals with the company finances and facilities management.

  • When I'm not at work: I’ll either be pottering about in the garden, or knitting my latest amazing creation or reading a good book
  • My guilty pleasure is: chocolate, more chocolate and guess what, more chocolate (Malteasers, yum yum yum!)
  • My superhero power would be: I’d definitely be Super Gran, then I could keep up with my Grandson as he charges about everywhere.
  • If I was not working in Recruitment: I would be fully retired, and would spend my time eating chocolate, knitting and sitting in the garden reading (pretty much the same as being semi-retired really)

Gertie the Gordon Setter

Office Pup

Gertie provides the office entertainment, she’s certainly got plenty to say for herself, and is constantly chatting away in her special dog language.  At work, she’s either sunbathing by the office front door, or running up and down the office (generally with her squeakiest toy when someone’s on the phone!) Gertie enjoys regular walks throughout the working day in Bournemouth gardens and without fail jumps in the stream.  

  • When I’m not at work: I'm stalking squirrels, pigeons or seagulls.
  • My guilty pleasure is:  Sausages – my humans have chip night on a Friday and that means sausages!  If I’m a good girl I get a couple of sausages as a treat, nom, nom, nom….
  • My superhero power would be:  Invisibility – that way I can sneak up on those pesky birds before they get the chance to fly away.
  • If I wasn’t in Recruitment I’d be: the best bird stalker ever – if you’ve ever seen the film ‘Up’ and the talking dog who freezes every time he see a Squirrel, that’s me. SQUIRREL !

Arthur the new pup

Gerties playmate

The newest addition to the Fresh-family is 20 week-old Arthur, born 31st March! Our four-legged friend de-stresses the office, makes us laugh and forces us to get out of the office into the sunshine - no matter how busy we are… but is rubbish on email! He also loves to show his face on social media!